SÖZER MACHINE gets internal energy from its employees. It aims to be a company where mutual trust and respect always prevail and where diversity turns into wealth.

​​​​The basis of our Human Resources policy; where employees are given the value they deserve, creating an environment where equal opportunities are offered for learning and development that will improve employee performance and to create a community of employees who are sensitive to people, the environment, the society, stakeholders, quality, will carry the company to the future and adhere to the law.

We always work to create an environment where mutual trust and respect are dominant and the difference is transformed into wealth. In all our processes, we act equally and fairly without discrimination on age, gender, religion, language, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, pregnancy, and similar issues.

​SÖZER MACHINE always tries to implement "Human Resources" applications using integrated systems. It covers many more human resources systems such as recruitment, performance management system, self-improvement, staff wages and process of leaving work. At the same time, SÖZER always aims to use systems that enable the production of contemporary and integrated business results.

SÖZER MACHINE aims to serve the company strategies and targets by recruiting women and men candidates who are in line with the company's culture and values, possessing the knowledge, skills, experience, and competencies required by the position, and who will carry the company forward during recruitment and placement. It acts with the principle of choosing the right person for the right job by using modern evaluation systems that will support the most objective decision making in recruitment and placement processes.

SÖZER MACHINE implements a Performance Management System that aims to embrace corporate goals by employees and strengthens the corporate culture. The outputs of the Performance Management System are used in development planning, talent management, career and backup, remuneration and rewarding processes.

Elements of Our Human Resources Policy:

- Hire a qualified labor force in support of the objectives and strategies.

- Creating a secure, healthy and peaceful working environment in support of an efficient business environment and enabling its continuity.

​- Creating opportunities for our employees.

- Supporting personal development through continuous training.

- Make evaluations based on success.

- Work in cooperation by ensuring the continuity of working peace.

- Creating an environment of motivation and loyalty.