Serving in the fields of Chemistry and Paint, the Sözer brand reserved its place in the IMES Industrial Site in İstanbul Dudullu Organized Industrial Region after focusing on the machine production.


It established a limited company to gain a more institutional structure.


Aiming to become a brand in its business fields, Sözer Machinery officially registered SÖZER® as its trademark.


After the increase in the customer orders and the business volume, Sözer Machinery moved to the plant in Paint Varnish Organized Industrial Zone in the İstanbul Tuzla region. In this way it transfers the business from workshop to the "factory" level.


Sözer Machinery, with its developing and growing structure, has moved to its own plant at the IMES Organized Industrial Zone in the Kocaeli Dilovası region.


We equipped our machinery track with special CNC benches so as to increase our production quality and keep our standards at a high level.


Sözer Machinery has started the production of machines and systems with high added value through digitalization and works in the field of industry 4.0.