SMP Series Horizontal Mixer Machines


Horizontal mixer machines are generally used for mixing high viscosity materials with at least a degree of uidity such as satin plaster, putty, sealant, paste, sealants, polyurethane-based products, and pre-paint application systems. They are also types of machines that can be used to stock nished products. Horizontal mixer machines are an attractive machine type for the production of high viscosity products thanks to their high-power transmission despite their large machine dimensions.


The horizontal mixer machines have wings placed at regular intervals on the horizontal shaft in the vessel. The arc-shaped pallets at the ends of these arms have polyethylene scraper blades resistant to chemical products. With the help of strong structure arms, the product in the vessel can mix very homogeneously in a very short time. Thanks to the scraper blades, the mixing time is shortened, and the inside of the vessel is peeled off and the cleaning process for the next production is also assisted. As standard, all surfaces in contact with the product are made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel. It has an built-in platform for convenient raw material loading. As a standard, mixing speed can be adjusted with speed control frequency inverter. Cooling system is used to prevent high temperatures and performance degradation of sealing equipment used in Mixer shaft bearings.


Ex-proof design in ATEX Zone 1 EEX DIIb T4 standards, load-cell weighing system, recipe controlled semi-automatic or fully automatic PC/PLC control system are optional.

Machine Type SMP1700-I SMP2500-I SMP3500-I SMP7000-I
Main Engine Power (Kw) 22 30 37 55
Mixing Speed (rpm) 0-35 0-35 0-35 0-35
Total Volume (Lt) 1700 2500 3500 7000
Efficient Volume (Lt) 340 - 1360 500-2000 700-2800 1400-5600