The first priority for SÖZER MACHINE is to produce safe and user-friendly machines. We are constantly making researches and studies to improve our machines and production systems in relation to these issues. In these studies, which started with the analysis of human behavior, process processes and continued with technology development, it was aimed to improve the machine interface relationship with the human. As a result, safe operation is provided. There are some quality check stages and tests that we have created for all our machines. These tests, which are applied at every stage in line with the data brought by more than 74 years of our experience. Also, these tests enable us to discover safe and long-lasting trouble-free machines.

With its 74 years of experience, SÖZER MACHINE has the power to manufacture at international standards and to meet the flexible market demands in the sector. In addition, it has a proactive structure that directs the development of the sector thanks to the importance it gives to R&D projects and investments. SÖZER MACHINE aims to make its products and services reliable, quality, solid, efficient and environmentally friendly. Within the scope of international standards, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 18001: 2007 audits aimed at customer satisfaction in the light of the principle of continuous development.

While adopting an efficient and high-quality structure, SÖZER puts continuous improvement and quality. This makes for an environmentally friendly production system that eliminates waste through a basic understanding of production and ensures customers that our products meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and durability.

SÖZER MACHINE is one of the biggest companies in the sector that can manufacture different types of machines and projects among the companies engaged in similar works with 74 years of production experience.

SÖZER MACHINE continues its production in its integrated factory established on an area of ​​5 thousand square meters. SÖZER MACHINE's production system is based on just in time (JIT) production to quickly manufacture the required product up to the highest possible standards, delegating to the appropriate location when required. This method represents a radical shift from traditional production systems that require huge inventories to feed the highest production volume possible.

In line with 74 years of field experience and knowledge, it can successfully realize the institutions of fully or semi-automatic facilities with automation systems. The key to SÖZER MACHINE'S continuous improvement and leading position is the strategic importance it assigns to R&D. Sözer has invested heavily in order to remain up-to-date on new developments in the world and on-site. Our ambition is to manufacture high-quality, superior machines using our technology.

SÖZER MACHINE paving the way towards its objective of being among the top five machine manufacturers in the world strengthening its competitive position in the sector.