SÖZER MAKİNA always thinks globally and makes local decisions. Sözer Machine accepts Total Quality Management as a non-endless lifestyle, journey in order to be successful within the environment of "Its staff", "Its partners", "Its customers", "Its suppliers", "Its community" and "Technology". Executing all the processes being applied in the company according to the technical and economical needs of the customers by manufacturing internationally quality level, improvement by its staff, caring about the environment are among Sözer's indispensable principles. High quality, efficiency, low cost and delivery on time are the main target of Sözer as required by its ISO 9001:2008, 14001;2004, 18001:2007 Quality Management Systems as complete control of the whole business process.

Sözer's Quality Policy for the improvement of the performance of these systems;

  1. Identifying Customer Needs and Expectations

    Understanding exactly the request, need and expectation of the customers.

  2. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

    Working hard for taking customer satisfaction to the highest level, protecting the existing satisfaction level and doing the best for development all the time.

  3. Doing The Job At Its First Time And In The Right Way

    Planning every step, doing the job in the right way at the first time and making it a principle.

  4. Satisfaction And Development Of The Staff

    Accepting that the quality comes from the staff, it is an indispensable issue of SÖZER MAKİNA that the training is a must in order to achieve the development of the staff as well as increasing the quality level day by day.

  5. Win & Win Relation With The Supplier And Customers

    Establishing transparent business relations by acting honestly, in a good manner and long term among the suppliers, the customers, and the company, a mutual Win & Win relation is being supported by developing quality discernment.

  6. Continuous Improvement and Development

    Supplying a continuous improvement and development manner in the quality system by the participation of the staff and using the high technology that the company has.

  7. Respect For The Environment

    Avoiding the movement and actions that may disrupt the balance of nature in order to leave a clean environment for the future generation as the company's quality principles.